1970 Cadillac Miller/Meteor Hearse

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I drive it?
HA! ...no.

Where did you get it?
I had found a hearse in Tucson while looking at countless web sites and ads... ...He
told me he had bought it from a guy who owned a Tattoo shop in town. It was sitting
in the backyard of his house.
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Where can I get one?
It's surprising how often this is asked. Check your local funeral homes.

Was it ever used in real funerals?

How many passengers can it seat?
3 on the front bench and 6 in the back. A total of 9 people can sit down

Do you have more plans for it?
Of course! Keep up with developments on the CCW BLOG.

Does it have a smell?
No. Although it is a fact that it has transported dead bodies, they were all
professionally embalmed and carried no smell.

Are you afraid it's haunted?
No. No one has ever died in a hearse.

Aren't you creeped out by driving it?
No. It's actually fun to drive. The reactions and responses I get are
overwhelmingly positive. Even little kids give me thumbs up!

Who makes it? Is it a Cadillac?
Miller/Meteor Coach Works, using a Cadillac commercial chassis.
Miller/Meteor converts a product from Cadillac into a hearse.  Every hearse
is entirely unique. They are not mass-produced, so each has a slightly
different history and design.

Does it have a name?
Funeral homes made a practice of naming the coaches after the first female transport,
or so the story goes...So for now it will be just "Her" -- the other woman.
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What makes this different than a station wagon?
The commercial chassis is much heavier, using a thicker frame and beefier
axles to support the extra weight it carries.

Do you deliver your party rentals (such as casket coolers) in this vehicle?
Yes. That was one of the motives for seeking out a hearse. The original
delivery method is pictured below.
Eric, making deliveries during the 2008 Halloween season.
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