Custom Coffin Car "Dragula"

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it drive?
Yes. The Dragula is registered for legal street operation in the state of

Where did you get the coffin? Is it real?
The coffin was purchased from a movie prop house in Hollywood, and yes it
is real. It was used at a funeral home in Washington state before being
purchased by the prop house.

How long did it take to build?
My son and I spent over two years working on it.

Are there other vehicles like the Dragula?
Yes. Our Dragula was built based on the original Dragula made for the 60's
series "The Munsters" by Gorge Barris.

How many passengers can it seat?

Do you have more plans for it?
We plan on completely disassembling it to send out various parts for powder
coating. The casket itself will also be sent out for painting. New front rims
to match the back are in order too.  Keep up with developments on the

How fast does it go?
Due to safety regulations at the track, we are unable to officially run it.
Therefore, quarter mile times are yet to be determined. We have traveled at
highway speeds with it and it was a
killer ride!

What kind of engine is that?
The engine is from a Volkswagon. It has been modified heavily to
accommodate the larger tires. The displacement is now 2332cc from the
original size 1600cc.

Aren't you creeped out by driving it?
No. It's actually fun to drive. The reactions and responses it get are
overwhelmingly positive. Even little kids give me thumbs up!

Why name it "Dragula"?
To honor the original car built by the great George Barris.
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