In may of 2009, CCW was
contacted by a producer
from the Comedy Central
TV network in regards to
renting our coffin for a short

Based on a reality-style
filming technique (similar to
Cops), the premise was
about a company that does a
unique type of repo work.

"Remember that most
funerals are financed
through banks and lending
companies. At times they act
as debt collectors and try
everything possible to settle
a claim before drastic actions
are needed."

That's about the time the
"extreme repo" guys are
called into action.

Meeting the film crew at a
local cemetery on a weekday
afternoon, we set up the
scene quickly, trying not to
disturb the several other
people paying respect to
their loved ones that day.

Now that the film is in the
can, we have put up a link to
it on this page.

And here it is...
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